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January 13
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Made these yesterday when i had nothing to do, haha. But i was unable to post it because i needed to get off the computer, so..

Highest Bid: :icongigantlover20: 454 :points:
Belongs to: :icongigantlover20:

Highest Bid: :iconlubia193: 350 :points:
Belongs to: :iconlubia193:

Highest Bid: :iconslymaster58: 700 :points:
Belongs to: :iconslymaster58:

Bid in :points:
Every bid has to increase atleast 50 :points:

In order to bid, repsond to the comment latest comment on the 'Start Bid Here' comment (linked above). Once someone has commented there, simply reply to that person. Once the deadline has passed, i will look at the one with the highest bid.

:bulletgreen:Once you have bought an adoptable,You can;
Change their age,
Change the design,
Change clothes,
Give them their own colors/color scheme,
Name the character.
Once bought, you can ask me for the non-watermarked version.

:bulletred:You can't;
Trade the adoptable,
Resell the adoptable,
Give away the adoptable,
Repost or use these characters if you have NOT bought them.

Deadline: 1-15-2014 15:00 CET.

Base by RedWulfi
Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon belong to Nintendo and GAMEFREAK.

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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